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Healy, DSM-5 & J Clin Psych: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Dr McLaren’s Psychiatry & Philosophy Newsletter July 2013

What’s New Lots happening this month. The long-delayed DSM-5 train finally pulled into the station but most independent commentators seemed to agree that it should have kept going. Alan Frances said that it is about time the whole concept of a diagnostic manual was taken away from the APA and …

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June 2013 Psychiatry & Philosophy Newsletter

What’s New A series of questions from newsletter reader, Jack Fenwick, has focused on some critical issues facing this model of mind, and also some very important social issues facing humanity. I’ll quote his email (with one or two minor changes): “”Whilst you’ve now convinced me that mental disorder can …

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May 2013 Psychiatry & Philosophy Newsletter

It is one of the fundamental beliefs of modern psychiatry that the mentally-disturbed must have drugs to prevent their disorders deteriorating. Drugs are now given in the very long term, generally meaning for life, even though almost none of the drugs has ever been tested in anything like the longer …

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Models of Madness

Good morning, this is the second of what I hope will be reasonably regular newsletters directed at the evolving biocognitive model of mental disorder, the goal being to provide a valid alternative to the current mess in psychiatry. Is psychiatry a mess? Well, Dr Alan Frances certainly thinks so. His …

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